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"Sign of Life" Recording Sessions Book of Photography

Photographer Monica Frisell documents Bill Frisell's recording of the album 'Sign of Life'. All photographs were taken with a Leica M6 camera on black and white film and processed in her Seattle studio. This is a sleeved, 27 page, limited edition of 250, signed by both Monica and Bill. Printed by Girlie Press, Seattle, WA. Individually numbered (editions of 5) silver gelatin archival prints are available through the artists website.





"With the 858 Quartet, my music dreams have the chance to come true. The "Sign of Life" recording captures some of these moments. I'm so thankful that Monica was able to be there with us to document visually what was going on. For me, these photos really capture the atmosphere and help to bring back the memory of an amazing experience." - Bill Frisell





Bill Frisell
An Anthology - Song Book

* Song list:
Amarillo Barbados
The Bacon Bunch
Beautiful E
Big Bob
Big Shoe
Blues Dream
Blues For Los Angeles
Cadillac 1959
Child At Heart
Coffaro's Theme
Cold, Cold Ground
Deep Dead Blue
Dream On
Egg Radio
Fingers Snappin' and Toes Tappin'
Freddy's Step
The Gallows
Gimme a Holler
Girl Asks Boy, Part 1
Gone, Just Like A Train
Good Dog, Happy Man
Hard Plains Drifter
Hello Nellie
Hope and Fear
Jimmy Carter, Part 1
Jimmy Carter, Part 2
Julius Hemphill
Justice and Honor
Keep Your Eyes Open
Let Me In
Lookout For Hope
Monica Jane
Mr. Memory
Music I Heard
My Buffalo Girl
Nature's Symphony
The Pioneers
Pip Squeak
Pleased to Meet You
Poem For Eva
Pretty Flowers Were Made for Blooming
Pretty Stars Were Made to Shine
Rain, Rain
Rob Roy
Ron Carter
Sherlock, Jr.
Stand Up, Sit Down
Strange Meeting
Tales from the Farside
Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa
That Was Then
This Land
Twenty Years
Unscientific Americans
Unsung Heroes
Variation on a Theme (Tales from the Farside) Verona The Way Home We're Not from Around Here What a World What Do We Do?
When We Go
Where Do We Go?
Where In the World?
The Wife and Kid
Winter Always Turns to Spring