When You Wish Upon A Star

Year Released: 

When You Wish Upon A Star  

(grammy nominated 2016 - Best Contemporary Instrumental Album)

Bill Frisell – electric and acoustic guitar
Petra Haden – voice
Eyvind Kang – viola
Thomas Morgan – bass
Rudy Royston – drums, percussion

Produced by Lee Townsend
Arranged by Bill Frisell

$14.95 -  CD


 for Vinyl (see below)

1. To Kill a Mockingbird, Pt. 1                            3:10
2. To Kill a Mockingbird, Pt. 2                            4:52
3. You Only Live Twice                                     5:10  (with lyrics)
4. Psycho, Pt. 1                                           1:58
5. Psycho, Pt. 2                                           2:07
6. The Shadow of Your Smile                                5:10  (with lyrics)
7. Bonanza                                                 1:35
8. Once Upon a Time in the West (Theme)                    4:09
9.                              (As a Judgement)           4:30
10.                             (Farewell to Cheyenne)     4:35
11. When You Wish Upon a Star                              3:08  (with lyrics)
12. Tales from the Far Side                                4:59
13. Moon River                                             3:46  (with lyrics)
14. The Godfather                                          9:32
15. The Bad and the Beautiful                              2:56
16. Happy Trails                                           1:49  (with lyrics)



  $32.98 Vinyl

1. To Kill a Mockingbird, Pt. 1
2. To Kill a Mockingbird, Pt. 2
3. You Only Live Twice
4. Psycho, Pt. 1
5. Psycho, Pt. 2
1. The Shadow of Your Smile
2. Once Upon a Time in the West (Theme)
3. As a Judgement
4. Farewell to Cheyenne

1. Bonanza
2. When You Wish Upon a Star
3. Tales from the Far Side
4. Moon River

1. The Godfather
2. The Bad and the Beautiful
3. Happy Trails


The limited 7 inch vinyl single "Alfie" / "I Love Lucy" goes with the album When You Wish Upon A Star.

Both tracks have been released as bonus tracks on the CD edition, but haven't been available on vinyl until now.


$12.00 7-Inch Vinyl

1.    ALFIE




Recording Engineer: Tucker Martine
Mixing Engineer: Adam Muñoz
Mastering Engineer: Greg Calbi
Recorded at Flora Recording and Playback, Portland, OR
Mixed at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC

Production Assistance: Adam Blomberg
Assistant Engineers (Flora): Michael Finn and Keegan Curry
Art Direction. Design and Photography (inlay): Paul Moore (StudioMoore.com)
Photography (booklet spread): Paul Hicks
Photography: Monica Jane Frisell

All songs written by Bill Frisell except: To Kill a Mockingbird, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 (Elmer Bernstein); You Only Live Twice (John Barry / Leslie Bricusse); Psycho, Pt. 1 and Pt.2 (Bernard Herrmann); The Shadow of Your Smile (Dave Heywood / Leroy Heywood / Johnny Mandel / Paul Webster); Bonanza (Jay Livingston / Ray Evans); Once Upon a Time in the West(Theme) (Ennio Morricone); Once Upon a Time in the West (As a Judgement)(Ennio Morricone); Once Upon a Time in the West (Farewell to Cheyenne) (Ennio Morricone); When You Wish Up on a Star (Leigh Harline / Ned Washington); Moon River (Henry Mancini / Johnny Mercer / James McMillan / Chris Walden); The Godfather (Nino Rota); The Bad and the Beautiful (David Raksin); Happy Trails (Dale Evans)


When You Wish Upon a Star, guitarist Bill Frisell draws upon the classic film and television music we have heard on screen and how it shapes and informs our emotional relationships to what we see.  Frisell, whose own music has been featured in major motion pictures like Finding Forrester and The Million Dollar Hotel performs with singer Petra Haden, violist Eyvind Kang, bassist Thomas Morgan, drummer Rudy Royston in re-imagining time-honored gems such as When You Wish Upon a Star, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Shadow of Your Smile, Moon River, You Only Live Twice, Frisell's own theme for Gary Larson’s television special, Tales from the Far Side and others.  Produced by Lee Townsend; engineered by Tucker Martine and Adam Muñoz and mastered with Greg Calbi.




“One of the world’s most inventive guitarists and composers”

“a personal spin on music from the movies”
“an introspective but expansively creative guitarist”




“unforgettable themes are the real draw here, reconfigured with ingenuity, wit and affection by Frisell and a terrific group featuring violist Eyvind Kang, bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Rudy Royston.”




“With guitar, viola, voice, drums and bass Frisell ingeniously reimagines large orchestrations with careful simplicity.”

“When You Wish Upon A Star is yet another showcase of Frisell’s unique treatment of atmosphere and texture”

“Bill Frisell’s music has always had a kind of doubleness to it, as if it existed simultaneously in real time and dream time. For all its detailed specificity and precision, something mysterious hovers over the music, pulling it into another dimension. How perfect, then, that this album deals with movie themes, so concretely etched in our collective memory yet from a genre that feels so much like dreaming.”




“[Frisell] possesses a rare ability to truly get to the heart of the music while still imbuing it with his often idiosyncratic musical dispositions…and an ever-unabashed love of all music that has made him one of the most important guitarists and conceptualists of his generation… in any genre.”


“an album that, in its own inherent diversity and performed by a stellar group that features, for the first time, a vocalist in his lineup, ranks not only as one of the guitarist’s best albums in recent years, but one of his best recordings ever.”




“When You Wish Upon A Star is Frisell and band taking their raw materials and fashioning from them a thriller of their own.”




“inventive renditions…The sound of vintage Hollywood”




“like no other player on earth”


“a musical journey through cinema with a series of elegant, delicately sentimental

interpretations of film music.”




“With its ethereal beauty, plangent elegance, and evocation of wide-open spaces, the music of guitarist Bill Frisell has frequently been described as cinematic, and in fact his work has turned up in various films over the years. He takes the tradition head-on with his gorgeous new album When You Wish Upon A Star…”




“It will only take a few notes for those of you who are unfamiliar with the serene guitar work of Bill Frisell to become addicted.”




“His electric guitar has long evoked the lonely, open spaces of the American West.”

“Frisell’s arrangements are sparse and mysterious, with flat-out lovely contributions from violinist Eyvind Kang and vocalist Petra Haden. Longtime Denver drummer Rudy Royston adds dramatic texture, and overall, ‘Star’ is another deeply felt addition to Frisell’s dense catalogue.”




"Movie songs are the ultimate ear worms. Who hasn’t whistled the theme from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” or crooned a Disney lullaby?  Bill Frisell can’t resist, either..........his latest album is devoted to composers famous for their work on the silver screen, including Ennio Morricone, Bernard Herrmann, Henry Mancini and Elmer Bernstein. Mr. Frisell and his quintet revisit vintage orchestrations on the album, When You Wish Upon a Star.” - The Wall Street Journal